Sunday, September 5, 2010

For those of you who missed out on our French table settings @ Duncan Yard.

Photo - Courtesy Vogue Korea - PRETTY! PRETTY! ( )
Setting la French Table

A French table setting allows you to cater for an elegant, formal affair or a relaxed, informal do. So, what are the basics of setting a French table?

Step 1: Dress la table

Laying the tablecloth is the most inportant step when creating a French table setting, for both formal and informal dining. White, off white or even ivory will create the look. However, if you are going for a French country styled event for an informal occasion, then you should look out for cotton cloths in bold colours. We used a red checked one . Table runners running vertical or horizontal can complete the look, as the French love to layer their tables. Together with placemats made from wood or fabric for an informal setting. Formal settings can also have a large under liner plate, typically in brass, gold or silver, that never leaves the table, nor is food served on it. Napkins are placed on the left or on the plate itself.

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