Monday, October 20, 2014

Finding a little bit of “Moi” in Paris

I was utterly spoiled with an experience to live like a Mademoiselle (I mean a Madame, I’m a spoken for lady now) as part of the most romantic honeymoon, in a real Parisian apartment for a week. I was delighted to find a few charming “Moi Décor” touches and influences, which you can incorporate into your own décor. I will be writing about the different bits over the next few weeks!

I’ve daydreamt about what one of these Parisian apartments look like on the inside since I was a little girl. Usually when we go to Paris as “Team Moi” (Ella - my mum, Carla - my sister and I) we stay in hotels. Our accommodation is always very lovely but while walking up and down the storybook streets with their signature cobblestone pavements, I’ve been fascinated as to what was behind the different doors of these impressive buildings? Were they as pretty on the inside as they looked on the outside?

So off to a very romantic and impressive start as a new husband, Mon chéri booked us an apartment for a week in the street overlooking Rue Mouffetard. Which happens to be my favourite street as well as one of the oldest streets in Paris. It is very vibrant in terms of colour, sound and smells and is filled with lively markets, perfectly presented food and yummy things that make your eyes go ooh and yum! Too much of tres jolie!

There are also the cutest little shops and Parisians strolling with their baguettes, tiny dogs in hand while looking fabulously chic. Stereotypes do exist for a reason. Rue Mouffetard is also a great place to go and people watch. I was playing the soundtrack of Amelie all day long in my head because it felt like I was alive in a subtitled movie. Fair enough, the little boy in the street below our window playing his accordion all day probably helped with this.

Our French nook for a week looked like this on the inside.

I found a few items similar to ones we keep at Moi. Which made me beam with happiness. Right now I’m focusing on the curtains, which softened the windows and provided a romantic light that helped create a softer ambience in the room.

We have just received new stock of cotton voile curtains so this is the look you can create with your window treatments.

Transparent voile curtains create unique lighting in a room, with the light it lets into the house. These curtains “voile” come from the old French word “veile” and were traditionally designed to look like veils with their delicate and sheer fabric. You can create this look by fastening them in a number of ways, like sliding them onto a curtain rail or tying them at the top. You can even double rod them place them in front of blinds or behind an opaque curtain.

Our new curtains are available in white with detailing at the top or in stone with a flourish pattern. They measure 2.7 by 1.4 metres. I hope you have fun making your windows prettier and enjoy bringing a little bit of that French flair into your home, nook or nugget of an apartment.
Bye for now. Nicci.
" Too much of a good thing can be wonderful." Mae West
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