Tuesday, July 30, 2013

We've launched our Comptoir de Famille concept store!

As of end July 2013, we're delighted to announce the incorporation of a Comptoir de Famille concept store within Moi Decor in Duncan Yard, Pretoria. Over the past eight years, we have been supplying our clients with this top tier French range and now our store will be offering a wider selection of Comptoir de Famille homeware, including the addition of the contemporary, yet vintage “Natives” range.

Comptoir de Famille, décor from the Heart of France, depicts the true essence and elegance that comes with French living. From the traditional red gingham bistro styled items, which are reminiscent of the street side cafes and boulangeries of Paris and the South of France, these products bring that French ambience which Francophiles so adore into their own homes.

The delightful brand, “Natives” has recently merged with Comptoir de Famille bringing freshness and fun into its products, from retro kitchen clocks, placemats, napkins, salt and pepper shakers to special tins for the tooth mouse and even bowls for your posh pooches and kitties.

Stock lines will change monthly, ensuring that our clients receive the latest offering and will also include new items such as home diffusers and scented candles, which bring the scent of France straight to your home.
Visit Moi Decor to see what’s new within this charming range or follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with our new stock.

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