Sunday, September 5, 2010

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Step 5: Place the Centre Piece
The idea here is simplicity. A simple bunch of flowers in a aged silver jug, mismatched old crystal goblets or an urn inspired pot is all a French table needs. Candles are always welcome. Tall flower arrangements that prohibit conversation across the table are discouraged. I love adding a piece that surprises my guests, like an elegant old silver trophy cup or two.

Step 6: Seating Arrangements
The French table setting etiquette also calls for assigned seating arrangements. The hostess and host sit at the opposite ends of the table. The most honoured male guests sit at either side of the hostess, while the most honoured female guests sit at the right and left of the host. Spouses are never seated together or facing one another unless they are just recently married. However, fiancés ( how cute !) are always seated together.


If you are invited to dinner, it is nice to take a gift but not essential. The French know and appreciate a good wine so only take this if it is considered a special bottle. Good ideas are chocolates, jar of marmalade, home grown fruit or vegetables or something special from your garden. If it is a formal dinner, you could send flowers the morning of the dinner. Do not take flowers, wrapped in plastic as she may feel insulted that you thought she wouldn’t have enough flowers at her dinner party! If you want to bring flowers with you, have them in a vase. Or have them delivered in the morning before the dinner!

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