Saturday, April 16, 2011

The French Country Kitchen

The French Country Kitchen - We have recieved a lot of questions relating to creating a "French Country Kitchen look." So here are a few of our ideas to help you with your own creative kitchen decorating. French Country Kitchen is all about creating an environment of relaxed easy living to enjoy life's simple pleasures; warm conversation and hearty food. The French Country style is pretty much centered around the countryside's elements; Provencal landscapes, textured sandstone walls, clear blue skies, cobbled streets, lavender fields, olive trees and roosters. A common visual to all these elements is colour. Use natural hues in your kitchen or even what we call 'tired' colours (these are colours that are less saturated and have more grey in them, for example a kitchen door painted in an off blue).


  1. French Country kitchens are so warm and inviting! Stopped by to say hello to lovely Moi Decor!! Kisses!

  2. Hello Ooh LaFrou Frou! You are just the Sweetest! ( I'm still trying to get your button onto Moi's page, I will ask Carla to help me this weekend.) Silly me! Lov, stay precious...


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