Friday, May 3, 2013

Get this look. The birdcage mirror

We are really infatuated with this birdcage mirror at the moment because it's rather unusual and elegant. The mirror is aged-tarnished, which creates an element of nostalgia whilst still reflecting light without being too blingy.

What makes this one rather cute is the shelves which can be used to perch your jewellery on, to put flowers in, to display tealight candles on (imagine the speckled reflecton!) or simply used as something to show off your treasures and goodies. By grouping any small item you collect together as a collection you can really transform them from everyday objects into accent pieces by presenting them all in an interesting way with this birdcage shelf.

Quirky and vintage inspired, the mirror we have in store currently is a shelf with a small drawer at the bottom, has a bronzy golden brown colouring with flower detail at the top and the doors can open and close. Dimensions are 57cm height x 37cm width x 11cm depth.

Here are some other fun ways to use a birdcage mirror in your nest and some birdcage inspiration.

Room photos

Photo from

Photos from

Happy decorating wherever you are! ~Team Moi

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